Events Testing Solution Overview

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BNR Global Supply Group in partnership with Stadium Support Services and EFS Europe have come together to deliver a viable solution for a safe route back to larger capacity events, while reducing the risk of Covid-19 transmission.
As part of the solution, event organisers will be able to manage pre-event testing using a uniquely developed platform that facilitates the management of off-site, mass spectator testing.
This means that spectators for big or small events can prove they're covid-free before setting off to an event; by simply using a government approved Covid-19 home test kit and uploading their test result onto our management platform.

Our customisable system and processes can be specifically tailored to your event's requirements and will allow you to re-open your event, in a undisruptive and covid secure way. 


What is Lateral Flow Testing?

What are the benefits of Lateral Flow Testing?

Lateral Flow Tests (LFTs) can help drive down the spread of COVID-19. As LFT's deliver a rapid result, they can find positive cases helping to intercept and reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

Since LFT's go through vigorous evaluation, this means that they are highly accurate, reliable and are able to successfully identify those with COVID-19 who don't necessarily show symptoms and could therefore spread the virus without realising it.

The point-of-care (POC) nature of this technology offers a broad range of applications and are easy to administer in most settings.


Why pre-event testing is the only way to re-open the events industry

The live events and music industry which includes exhibitions, stadiums, conferences, arena’s, festivals, theatres and indoor venues, welcome’s the establishment of alternative technologies that allow user Covid-19 positive status data to be captured prior to attendance at an event and believe this is a viable solution of enabling the recovery of the events industry.


We strongly support the Government’s ambition to return to full capacity audiences without restrictions as soon as possible, and we recognise that this can be only be achieved through gathering evidence that it is safe to remove or lessen restrictions, including looking at how Covid status certification could aid the reduction of social distancing.


We understand that this approach would involve either proof of vaccination, a negative Covid test or an antibody test to allow access to a venue. We are clear that this approach must not rely only on proof of vaccination, and also that it must only be a temporary measure, only used for as long as necessary.

We believe that our solution would assist in achieving that

outlined for the event sector’s recovery.

The introduction of Covid status measures through testing and vaccination could be a pragmatic solution, that would enable events to return at commercially viable attendance levels and would also give further confidence to customers that events are safe to attend.

Any solution likewise needs to be simple to use, of a lesser cost as possible and fair to all users. Subject to regular review and safe in line with acceptable Government parameters.

Why choose our platform as your solution?

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Our rapid-testing programme will allow for testing to be done for a fraction of the costs currently proposed. We are aware that all options recently procured and being launched into this space are “ smart phone only applications “ – i.e. if a user does not have a smart phone, then then application will not work.


BNR Global Supply Group Ltd have developed a Web Based application, which works across a wider range of devices and is not limited to just smart phones. It likewise goes far beyond that available through current applications and ultimately aims to give the means for off-site testing, with verification and evidence capture prior to attending an event or even leaving your home!

Working in conjunction with partners Stadium Support Services Ltd and EFS Europe, we have real insight into the requirements of Stadiums and Festivals directly, able to provide an end to end solution. Also, as we don’t adopt a “one shoe fits all” approach, each venue can dictate it’s own requirements and working together we can build a tailored solution, whilst still retaining minimum standards and results capture, at the core of the application.

The application is a unique solution, beyond confirming just a users test results and Covid vaccination status, it will be able to consider far more in an event’s setting, or works space type environment.

Example’s of what can be achieved through our platform are as followed:

  • Capture each users Vaccination Status , Lateral Flow Test Status or Anti-Body status (subject to evolving government guidance)

  • Capture a user’s test location and time with imagery and other evidence

  • Provision of Medical Guidance remotely through user training accreditation

  • Sharing of User Data directly with the Event Organiser – Prior to travel -  keeping positive cases away from the event

  • Interlink between a user’s event ticket and a user’s Covid-19 Status.

Unique platform functionality

developed specifically for Events

Our platform offers an array of high functionality, enabling event organisers to fully analyse and manage their event. Here are some of our favourite features:


  • Highlighting positive / negative and inconclusive tests via set date ranges – so organisers can analyse data weekly, monthly etc.

  • Highlighting of users who are performing a higher degree of unsuccessful tests – providing additional medical training as needed.

  • Location and demographic breakdowns, filterable by a vast range of categories and this will become expandable to be able to highlight specific portions of a stadium (for example), so heat mapping can be analysed and reported on.


Application development is consistent and a continual part in that we are doing to build a real system aimed at the following sectors:

Female soccer fans of England watching a

Stadiums and Festivals


Weddings and Funerals


Corporate & Office Environments

Travel and Leisure Industry

We can likewise offer services beyond the application and process itself, including logistics and distribution through the combined experience of our partners, Stadium Support Services Ltd and EFS Europe, who currently manage a large number of venues, having decades of experience providing services to the likes of Twickenham, Wembley and Leeds Festival as a number of many examples.

Test Result Alert System & Result Notification

How does the process work?

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Once a test result is logged on the platform the event organiser will be notified immediately of the result.


The guest will be required to submit a photo showing their result as evidence, linked to a unique test code. The result will then undergo an image capture and location verification process.

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An automated notification will be sent to the event organiser and the guest confirming the outcome.


The organiser will then contact the guest to confirm the result and start the process of the the refund.


Information/ guidance will be given to the guest to isolate and instructions as per government guidelines.

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The event organiser will be sent an automated notification including customer name, event identification no, customer booking reference no and test result.


The guest will receive an automated notification upon submitting a test result with information/ guidance on what will happen next in the process.



An automated notification will be sent to the event organiser and the guest confirming the outcome.


The organiser will then issue the guest with a validation email, including a unique bar/QR code that will be scanned for entry at the event.

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If the guest fails to log a test within the allocated time window to submit a test result, the event organiser will be notified, and the guest will be sent an automated notification advising them that their ticket is invalid and they will be denied entry to the event.


No refund will be issued.

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An automated notification will be sent to the event organiser and the guest confirming the outcome.


The organiser will then contact the guest to confirm the result and start the process of the the refund.


Information/ guidance will be given to the guest to isolate and instructions as per government guidelines.

We recognise that every event or festival faces very different challenges, which is exactly why our platform is designed with this in mind. We work alongside organisers, tailoring each individual event to their requirements, catering for events of all sizes, indoors or outdoors.